Prepare for the Quantum Age.

Prepare for the Quantum Age.

Learn how quantum computers will break some of the pillars of our cyber security infrastructure

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Quantum Strategy Workshop.

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1/5 in 10 years… “I estimate a one in five chance that within 10 years RSA-2048 will be broken using quantum computers”.

Dr. Michele Mosca, President & CEO of evolutionQ, November 2019

Quantum Threat Timeline Report 2020

How long before a fault tolerant quantum computer arrives?

We surveyed the experts to find out.

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Quantum-Safe Services

Ensure your company's quantum-safe cyber security migration is progressive, sensible and orderly. evolutionQ offers a standard set of services proven to help.

Quantum-Safe Strategy Workshop

Explore how quantum threats might impact your business. A full day collaborative workshop format led by evolutionQ risk assessors.

Quantum Risk Assessment

Adding quantum considerations into your risk assessment practices. Our risk assessors help your business evaluate quantum threats.

Quantum-Safe Network Verification

Network review conducted by Quantum-Safe engineers and cryptographers to confirm a network is protected from quantum threats.

Quantum-Safe Product Verification

Design review conducted by Quantum-Safe engineers and cryptographers to ensure a product is not vulnerable to quantum threats.

Try quantum-safe cryptography right now, for free.

OpenQuantumSafe is the leading quantum-safe cryptography toolkit. Written in C with wrappers for C++, Go, Python and more. Contributors include Microsoft, Amazon, evolutionQ and the University of Waterloo.