Ninety Minute Quantum-Safe Strategy Workshop

Building a plan to address the quantum computing threat.

evolutionQ is providing qualifying organizations with a complimentary workshop. The ninety-minute briefing and workshop brings together the latest information and analysis from our partners in academia, national labs, and industry. The objective of the workshop is to provide you with the information you need to understand:

  • Current state of development in quantum computing and a possible timeline for real world deployment of quantum computers
  • Rationale as to what the quantum threat is and why act now
  • Current high-level risk mitigation and migration planning
  • Best practices for becoming quantum safe

Please email to get additional information on the workshop.

Key Contacts

Andrew Hammond

VP of Strategy

Andrew helps businesses to build cyber security to protect against threats by quantum computing. Andrew helps organizations understand and manage their cyber security issues.

Brian Neill

VP, Product & Business Development

Brian is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) with a career spanning 20 years in cybersecurity companies building software products and managing cyber security risk.

Quantum Threat Timeline

How long until fault tolerant quantum computers can break cybersecurity?

evolutionQ and the Global Risk Institute assess the timing of the threat.