Sponsored Research

Adding quantum-safe considerations to your security risk assessment program.

evolutionQ's Ph.D Quantum Physicists, Mathematicians and Cryptographers are available to augment internal research teams, review internal findings for accuracy and publish independent research findings on a client's specific topic of interest.

Quantum Threat Timeline

How long until fault tolerant quantum computers can break cybersecurity?

evolutionQ and the Global Risk Institute assess the timing of the threat.

Key Contacts

Dr. Michele Mosca


Dr. Mosca is a world leading scientist in quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and conventional cryptography in an era with quantum technologies. He was a founder of Canada's Institute for Quantum Computing and co-authored the respected textbook "An Introduction to Quantum Computing".

Dr. Norbert Lutkenhaus


Dr. L├╝tkenhaus is a renowned leader in fields spanning quantum communication and quantum cryptography. He is Vice-Chair of the ETSI Industry Specification Group on Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), coordinating the certification effort for QKD devices.

Dr. David Jao

Chief Cryptographer

Dr. Jao is a distinguished cryptographer who has in the Cryptography and Anti-Piracy Group at Microsoft Research and is currently a professor at the University of Waterloo. Dr. Jao is credited with the invention of the supersingular elliptic curve isogenies based scheme for post-quantum public key cryptography.